Join BFBL in our 4th Annual Harvest Party!

Harvest Party

Central to the spirit of the local food movement is a sense of community—the interconnection of food, farmers, and friends. We share in the bounty and the hardship of our neighbor’s pursuits, which in turn allow us to gain an understanding for the unpredictable nature of food production. In celebration of yet another year of great food, Buy Fresh Buy Local is hosting our 4th annual Harvest Party. You can pre-order your ticket here.


The Harvest Party will feature at least 7 small dishes prepared by member chefs using locally produced food items donated by member farms.  You can see a list here. Local food enthusiasts can attend this premier fresh, local food event to enjoy dishes prepared by BFBL member chefs, try beverages from BFBL vintners, and finish the evening with a cup of coffee from Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure.  Participants can also get to know the farmers involved in growing their food.


Our members are not only willing, but enthusiastic to share their products with the greater Des Moines community. Jill Burkhart from Picket Fence Creamery is excited at the prospect of donating ice cream for the event. “This is a great celebration of the bountiful harvest we’ve enjoyed despite Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather patterns this growing season,” she said. “Through it all, we seem to emerge with some of the most tasty local foods in the world, thanks to our Iowa soil and a lot of human perseverance. We’re glad to be part of the event, the camaraderie, and of course a great meal!”  Picket Fence is donating ice cream for the event to compliment plenty of tantalizing main courses before the creamy finale.


The Homestead is donating Redfree, Jonafree, and Liberty apples for the event. Eric Armbrecht, Vocational Director of The Homestead, believes “The Buy Fresh Buy Local Harvest Party is the epitome of living out the name and enjoying it,” he said. “We have participated before by donating food and have been fortunate consumers of the wonderful food that results.”


We’re still building the menu as donations come in, but for now we can promise 7 varieties of jam courtesy of The Jelly Lady; sheep summer sausage from Griffieon Family Farm; produce from Rinehart’s Family Farm; gouda and gouda curds from Frisian Farms; Maytag Blue Cheese from Maytag Dairy Farms; tomatoes, potatoes, and garlic from Coyote Run Farm; tomatoes from Butcher Crick Farms; apples from The Homestead; ice cream from Picket Fence Creamery; and coffee from Zanzibar. Curious as to how this hodge-podge of ingredients can possibly come together? Leave it to Cyd Koehn Catering to create innovative, collaborative dishes that will keep you running back for more.  Sodexo Dining at Drake will also prepare some meals.  We’ll keep you posted as additional members sign up to bring amazing dishes.


This year’s Harvest Party will take place on Sunday, October 13th from 4pm – 6pm. Tickets are again $20 a piece and can be purchased here.  We also offer a family ticket for $50, up to two adults and all children under 18 in the same household, and Patron sponsors making a $100 donation receive 6 tickets.