Harvest Party

The 4th annual Harvest Party is scheduled for Sunday, October 13. Keep checking here for updates on how the menu is progressing! Also be sure to buy tickets, read our latest feature on the event, Jennifer Miller’s article from the Des Moines Register and watch last year’s video.



Cyds Catering –

Meatballs: Wallace Farms ground pork, Coyote Run Farms ground beef

Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Coyote Run Farms garlic, Rinehart’s Family Farm butternut squash

Beet and Green Salad: Grade A Gardens arugula, Wabi Sabi kale, Grinnell Heritage Farm carrots and beets, Coyote Run Farm and Butcher Crick Farms heirloom Tomatoes, la mie focaccia


Sodexo Dining at Drake University

Maytag Blue Mac and Cheese: Maytag Dairy Farms blue cheese, Picket Fence Creamery cream

Roasted Lamb: SalAmander Farms and Wirth Farms lamb

Beet Chocolate Cake: Grinnell Heritage Farm beets

Appetizer Tray: The Homestead apples, Frisian Farms gouda and gouda curds, Sunstead Farm melon, Rinehart’s Family Farm peppers, Grinnell Heritage Farm carrots, Griffieon Family Farm sheep summer sausage, Jelly Lady jam



Black Bean Baba Ganoush and Naan Bread



Appetizers featuring their signature seasoning


Member Donations:

The Homestead – Redfree, jonafree, and liberty apples.

Picket Fence Creamery – Vanilla, caramel, and apple cinnamon ice cream

The Jelly Lady – 7 varieties of jam

Griffieon Family Farm – Sheep summer sausage

Rinehart’s Family Farm – Produce

Frisian Farms—Gouda and gouda curds

Coyote Run Farms – Potatoes, garlic, and tomatoes

Butcher Crick Farms – Tomatoes

Zanzibar Coffee Adventure – Coffee

HoQ – Black bean baba ganoush and naan bread

Maytag Dairy Farms – Maytag blue cheese

Rosey Acres – Sampling wine

Grade A Gardens – Arugula

Wabi Sabi – Green beans

Grinnell Heritage Farm– Beets and carrots

SalAmander Farms – Lamb



allspice – Gift basket

Splash Seafood – Gift cards

Kitchen Collage – Stock pot filled with goodies

Peace Tree – Gift card

Mo’Rub – BBQ/tailgate basket

Maytag Dairy Farms – Gift Basket



Cyds Catering

Sodexo Dining at Drake University